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After recently being featured on various blogs, such as Lifehacker.com and MakeofUs.com, we realized that there are other people out there just like us who need to know what is still open whenever we want to eat, play, or shop in the middle of the night.  Therefore, we decided to expand the amount of cities that 2itch.com covers, as well as make it easier for users to add, remove, or comment on the locations on the 2itch map.  We hope you enjoy the new interface and find it useful in your hour of need… 

2itch.com was founded out of a yearning to find all of the things out there that NEVER close. We wanted to find out what and who is out during the wee hours, and we have gathered all of the services, stores, restaurants, hospitals, etc. in one place to make it easier for everyone to find what they need AFTER regular business hours.

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Contact Us at: map@2itch.com

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This is an unofficial listing of 24 hour locations, please call ahead to make sure it's open, especially in emergency situations.